Exploring the Dashboard

This tutorial is an overview of the WordPress Administration Panel (often referred to as the admin panel or admin area by those working within the industry). The admin area provides you access to the functions and features of your WordPress-powered website and is accessible only by use of a username and password that is unique to you.

In this video:

  • Familiarizing yourself with the WordPress Dashboard.
  • How to customize the WordPress interface just for you.
  • How to hide Dashboard modules you rarely use.
  • The collapsible navigation menu and functions.
  • The default modules that are available to users.
  • How to use the Quick Draft module (previously known as the QuickPress module) to quickly create a new Post.

More Dashboard Training:

  • The first screen you see when you log into your website/blog is the Dashboard of your administrative area.
  • Your Dashboard provides a quick overview of what’s happening with your website/blog while also supplying tools to navigate to other areas of your Administration panel.
  • Your main admin navigation menu is located in the left-hand column on the left side of your Dashboard.
  • Each navigation item in the menu can be expanded or collapsed.
  • Expand the admin menu items in the left-hand column (you can click or hover over main menu items here) to view the main menu’s submenu items.
  • The Dashboard link at the top of the navigation menu will return you to the dashboard area of your website/blog from any page within your admin area.

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